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WIEN SHOW CANCELLED; Congratulations Antifa

March 14th, 2010 by Web Master

The Antifa kindergarten still desperately insists we are a nazi-band and keep trying to trick promoters into cancelling our shows.
Every now and then they succeed and this time our scheduled performance at Szene Wien on March 29th will not happen.
They claim our tour mates Horna and Angantyr are nazis as well, for the most ridiculous reasons.
To Hell with them and anyone who believes them..

On behalf of Taake,
Iqbal Tombs

3 Responses to “WIEN SHOW CANCELLED; Congratulations Antifa”

  1. 1
    schiachpercht Says:

    The main problem with this paragons of morality and political correctness here in Austria,which is obviously not a FREE republic anymore but a suppressed banana-republic with regards to free expression of arts and NON-conformistic musical styles- is the bloody fact, that the one and only media in this country exists in tight relation to the leading left-wing party. That includes also nearly all sorts of printed papers and media related structures in general ! (So can we still the word ‘democracy’??) The consensus of so-called antifascists and the leading political structures is built on a foundation of lies and hypocrisy – Punktum. Every single aspect in life/culture/any sort of artistic expression which fits not totally in their weird world view is labeled as nazi/fascist/racist and so on in the same style of defamation instantly.
    The worst thing at all is that this mind and idea supressing filth is not even checking out WHAT they are argueing about!! They have no slightest idea about the idea behind the music, the texts, the overall context. It’s just a shame that I have to breath this polluted grasp for diversity in this town/country and I’m sorry for the guy who tried deadly to bring great acts of pure black art to this shit hole called vienna saturated by pure fucking CENSORSHIP. End this suppression NOW

  2. 2
    schiachpercht Says:

    post scriptum:
    sorry for possible grammar/spelling mistakes – I’m pissed off cause of this
    violation of basic rights I can’t tell !!
    I do hope some day we will have venue hosts WITH balls who let them antifa-fascists cry and blubber outside and thus allow us to see one of the greatest acts of CONTEMPORARY bm – Hope dies last

  3. 3
    schiachpercht Says:

    One last thing: in case you wonder ‘why vienna’ – when gigs are played in nearly every country without any troubles.
    Well,this so-called antifa is partially sponsored by the left wing department for local affairs in Vienna. Mainly disgusting 50+ guys having no idea about anything but giving money to this NARROW MINDED agitation club without any sort of research.
    A sincere F.O.A.D. to all of them !!